We focus on the basics: food, health, and housing.

We work to facilitate access to healthy, delicious, responsibly produced foods to those that do not have it and just as importantly – we work to motivate people to utilize the access they already have to choose foods that both meet their needs AND have a positive impact on the society and ecology.

As a consequence of accessing and ingesting better food, people have better health. Beyond food, we work on improving basic factors of health such as improved quality of sleep, movement, and mental health.

We work towards access to affordable ecologically sustainable desirable homes built in manners conducive to healthy harmonious living.

Our work takes many shapes since we fundamentally prefer to see any positive but real change happen over theoretical changes or improvements that are contingent on mass adoption by way of legislation etc… We need not wait for government programs to offer handouts in order to help those that would appreciate handouts. We need not wait for government regulations on industries before we prioritize supporting industrial efforts that do not cause excess pollution. We need not wait on government programs to offer education before we educate our own. We believe that we ourselves intrinsically benefit from time spent aimed at improving in these areas.