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I had a dream that I now interpret a certain way. In the dream I thought about this same plan I have discussed for years now – to put together a string of properties that lay less than day’s distance between them – by walking, bicycling, or some other fossil-fuel free method. And on each property to have some kind of natural shelter and gardening taking place. Many people join and walk or cycle or whatever this shared path and it connects the world.
In the dream, I attempt to draw the map of the west coast, but then realize the map is of the east coast and New York and then I realize it connects to North Dakota.
So here’s my thought:
A string of properties from wherever to the DAPL spot so that people can travel to this spot WITHOUT fossil fuels. And that their travels will actually bring life to the spots they touch instead of trash and throw away failed activism where we say “WE WANT OIL, but bring it around the back hush hush – not right to the front”
Interestingly, Bismarck North Dakota sits around 1,600 miles from San Francisco. It is also around 1,600 miles from Los Angeles. It is also around 1,600 miles from New York city. It is also around 1,600 miles from New Orleans. It is also around 1,600 miles from Atlanta, Georgia.
At the most, if people were to purchase the string of properties from one center to Bismarck, the cost would be $800,000 – a string of 160 $5,000 properties. Thus each property could average 10 miles of distance from place to place.
If the properties were more distant from each other say 30 miles (a reasonable travel by bicycle for most reasonably fit people), the total initial cost of this project would be around $266,000 – to purchase a string of properties from a city center such as NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, or San Antonio (just 1,400 miles away).
There will at least be a cost for property tax and possibly other local fees. On an annual basis, it would be good to attempt to generate at least $100,000.
I believe that many people would pay $1,000 annually to have access to a string of 50+ campsites and community gardens across the country not only for the thrill of taking part in this endeavor, but in the genuine value of having a method of transportation and ability to camp in this exciting way.
I also believe that people who would do this would often wish to have their friends or partners join them. So they could easily come in 2’s or more.
Furthermore, with strict rules on “pack it in pack it out” an application process that ensures we find people who have true commitments to green living – we can see to it that compost piles grow on each spot instead of bad trash – and see this eventually leading to a blossoming in fertility.
The next level of investment can occur for the addition of some basic amenities and improvements such as: composting toilet(s),water catchment and storage, planting plants that will provide value, and do not require much if any human input of nutrients, and secure storage containers for a variety of goods ranging from food to tools to musical instruments.
Once this next level gets proven, we can add residences.
Basically need 100 people with around $3,500 each and ability to pay $1,000 annually to connect each string.
Recap: String of minimal cost rural properties facilitating camping/cycling/sustainable travel across the country.