About the better social platforms

We made an app with paid aid from a professional programmer to give us another way to socialize and communicate – without interruption ads/distractions/and all kinds of unknown things.

It has a unique feature you could describe as a “chat visualizer” (thanks Ian Crossland for the phrase). Although private messages can get sent to anyone anywhere, currently this social platform functions with people messaging those close to them on the map. The map does NOT force people to be next to their gps coordinates and currently people simply get spawned near 0,0 on the map and then can pick their positions. It’s got a glitch right now where multiple people can occupy the same square at once. Please don’t do this without consent. So when you spawn the first time, please pick an empty spot to move to.

Currently operating at this address:

Looks better on desktop, but totally functional on mobile right now.

It has 5 ways to communicate right now.

1. You can click on someone’s image and either read their profile or send them a message
2. You can chat in a regular group chat like a chatroom
3. You can message in a way where you see what people type as they type and also you can delete your message (they aren’t sent to each other’s inboxes but rather “shown to each other”
4. You can post “notes” by double-clicking on a square and then you can post anything you want like a status, a blog post, an embedded video etc…
5. You can change your avatar. your avatar = your public picture so you can make it something with text if you like or a picture that says something or just whatever picture you wish to represent you

Part of the idea is NOT necessarily to keep people on the site all the time, but rather to help facilitate real world communication between people NOT try to track and manipulate them into becoming consumers.

There ARE some plans for monetization, but they will be different. ALSO we expect to develop ways for people to truly OWN their own communities. Once we are more developed.

Anyhow, would love to have you join.

Also, we have another platform for putting out a message to be seen connected to your actual location on earth. http://betterearthinstitute.org/communication

You have your own note to write in

We will gladly accept contributions as they will greatly help at the moment.

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